Why Connect?
Faceā€“to-face meetings with qualified planners
Only planners who can book business qualify
1:1 planner-to-supplier ratio
Full contact information for all meeting planners
Training with industry experts
Numerous networking opportunities to do business
ROI that is evident before you leave the conference



What is a reverse tradeshow?

Our innovative Marketplace system matches planners and suppliers for individual appointments based on their requests, as well as additional factors. Planners sit at designated tables and suppliers have 1-2 minutes to travel between appointments. A chime signifies the beginning and end of each appointment.


How much does registration cost?

Registration starts at $4,450. Non-appointment attendee registration is $2,000. Talk to your regional sales rep for more information.


How do I book my hotel room?

Please click here to make your reservation at the Hyatt Regency.

IMPORTANT: The link will take you to a page that looks like the standard booking site for Hyatt Regency, so make sure the dates are set to the correct show dates and the code, "G-CNCT" is entered in the "Corporate of Group Code" box. This should allow you to book.


Note: Suppliers opting to stay outside the event room block will incur a $350 non-host hotel fee.


How does the appointment process work?

Planners and suppliers will receive an email stating that the appointment request process is open. Mutual requests get priority, then planner requests are granted, followed by supplier requests. It is not a first-come, first-served process. As long as you complete your requests by the designated end date, your appointment selections will be granted the appropriate priority.


You will receive an email prior to the show with instructions for logging into the appointment portal.